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A-Step Accredited Course

This 80 hour course is designed for individuals without experience who wish to enter the field of sleep technology. It is also appropriate for the new sleep technologist or allied healthcare professional, who seeks an introduction to or review of sleep medicine and polysomnography. The A-STEP curriculum has been developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as a comprehensive introduction to sleep technology for the novice technologist.

The Family Health of Delaware Sleep Medicine has developed an A-STEP program ideally suited to the needs of the adult learner. The first 24 hours of the course are comprised of interactive online modules. You can study at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office. These modules are to be completed prior to the live course (you will be sent login information once your order is confirmed). Take advantage of a curriculum that introduces new material and reinforces learning through narration and illustration, practice questions and answers, glossary terms, and key take-away points.

By taking these online lessons before the live portion, enrollees without a healthcare or patient-oriented background will become familiar with concepts and terms that are part of daily interaction in a medical setting. Experienced medical professionals may find that some of the online material is a review, but presented in a new and fresh way focused on the particulars of sleep medicine and technology.

During the 7-day (56 hours) live program in Dover, Delaware (specific dates TBA), course work focuses on didactic presentations mixed with the practical component of preparing patients for sleep studies, acquiring data, as well as staging and scoring. Faculty for the course include: registered polysomnographic technologists, respiratory therapists, and board certified sleep specialists.

Completion of an A-STEP training course at the Family Health of Delaware School of Sleep Medicine is not a guarantee of employment in a sleep laboratory.

Students interested in enrolling in sleep technology courses should check with their respective state medical boards to determine licensing requirements in polysomnography, if applicable.

* Tuition for the program includes the cost of the required text, A Technologist’s Guide to Performing Sleep Studies, as well as the A-STEP examination administration fees up to 30 days after completion of the live program.*